My current body of work explores my interest in occupied space and the landscape that surrounds it. The interactions we have with these spaces- be it quantifiable or poetic relationships. The challenges we encounter when cross-sectioning it and the profound reactions to change within and around these spaces. My passion lies in capturing existing (natural) spaces and the people who frequent them and carefully reliving each experience through reworking, exploring and experimenting with what was discovered. By reworking and experimentation, the final product portrays the same landscape I have witnessed but a slightly changed perspective of it, changing what it is in reality to something surreal or “other worldly”. My medium is primarily lens-based (photography and film) but I am currently exploring other avenues such as ink on paper, found object, sound and installation. I hope that by allowing the viewer to experience these places with me, I can (potentially) encourage a new way of seeing them, provoke curiosity and motivate the viewer to want to learn more about their own surroundings.